A concentrate of several years of experience at the service of rice millers and research laboratories 


5 measurements in one minute:


  • Broken rate (=75% of the mean length)
  • Estimation of pearled and chalky grains
  • Automatic biometry
  • Whole grain distribution
  • Automatic classification of white rice and cargo (ISO6646)
Fast and accurate: in 1 minute !


Easy maintenance and easy handling

Measurements on 10 to 20 gsm samples of white rice or cargo.Ready to use, copes with the with european standards.
All the results and images are saved and exploitable with a spreadsheet. Bar code entry for scanning of sample identification.

MeasuresMethods and functions
Broken rateThe broken rate is calculated based on the shape analysis in order to discriminate the broken  grain from the whole grain. Our standard settings for Europe is based on the norm:


(broken = <75 % of the mean length).

Pearled and chalky grainsPrecise estimation of the pearled and chalky grains rate compared to the total weight of analyzed white rice. This function is adjustable (choice of calibrations) by the user.
Automatic biometryLength, width, ratio length/width. The biometry is calculated on isolated grains


(i.e. 40 to 50 % of the whole grains)

Whole grain distributionDistribution in four classes by grain individual biometrics: Round / Medium / Long A / Long B
Automatic classificationGlobal classification of the sample based on the mean biometry of the whole grains, according to  ISO 6646:  round,  medium, long A, long B.

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