Equipment for grain characterisation of big quantities of cereals samples:

Vue poste opérateur Ligne Phénotypage

  • 20 samples per hour
  • 50 samples up to 4 kg
  • Cycle time: 3 minutes
  • Autonomy: 2 h 30

Developed for the INRA in Montpellier France within the project Phenome, our phenotyping robot line allows to achieve the following operations with samples batches up to 4 kg, in autonomy:

  • Grain cleaning (Grain cleaner developed by Optomachines, able to sort the whole grains, the broken, small and trash)
  • Weighting
  • Identification of each sample and tracking
  • Homogenizing (equipment developed by Optomachines)
  • TSW, morphometry (length, width, area, circularity, etc…) and colorimetry with our station Opto Agrimetric
  • Specific weight (with a NIRS equipment – not developed by Optomachines), proteins, humidity, gluten and Zeleny
  • Packing & labelling
Phenotyping robot line

We are able to customize the phenotyping line, to integrate other machines and automate other operations.

We remain available for studying your projects and for providing further information.

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