We manufacture Tableware Control Machines since  2004.

We are the leader in this field and  our equipment is protected by an international patent.

Our control machines allow to :

  • control automatically glazed tableware
  • sort good and bad parts
  • insert automatically paper sheets between the plates
We market now the 3rd generation of our tableware control machine !
This new machine is visible at CERAMITEC  Munich from the 10th to 13 of April 2018.

Here are the main specifications of our machine new generation :

– Detection of all kind of defects !
– All shapes, not only round !
– Deep, not only flat !
– Relief : detection of white defects in white relief Relief !
– 800 to 900 p /h

– Self learning, self programming !


Environment friendly :
– low consumption robot,
– low compressed air consumption,
– cladding 100 % natural fiber board

Brochure CV3G 2018

Contact our sales representative for ceramics:

Bert Wynbelt