The 2nd generation machine for tableware is an automatic station for the inspection of glazed plates by industrial vision. It detects defects on bright items of complex forms. It analyses the pieces with automated manipulators, lighting controllers and high resolution image processing.

It allows  the following controls:

  • geometry (diameter, circularity, rim sagging profile, rim height, warp, bottom shape, foot height…),
  • conformity (backstamp cheking under glaze and on glaze),
  • black or grey spots,
  • edge cracks,
  • grains or indents of edge,
  • foot cracks, foot polishing defects,
  • dust,
  • air bubbles
  • lack of glaze,
  • white spots,
  • glaze heterogeneity (depression, drops),
  • pinholes…

The control is made on plates from 130 to 320 mm, flat, hallow, with relief, transparent glaze, coloured or uncoloured glaze, and with different shapes: triangular, squarred, hexagonal, octogonal…

Production rate: 500 to 800 pieces per hour and is adaptable to any kind of pieces (ceramic cups, perfume caps, bottles, taps, prosthesis, medical material….).

Following options are available:

  • bottom shape checking
  • entrance and exit conveyors
  • remote maintenance
  • air cooling for camera and computer
  • paper insert laying device
  • colour checking
  • fine backstamp checking


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