Baliseur Rear

Semi-automatic solution for narrow lanes

Automated deployment whithout human intervention on the road

Baliseur Arriere

At the request of swiss motorway operators, we’ve developed a rear version of the Baliseur. This version meets specific requirements:

  • Narrower lanes, not allowing to lay cones on the side of the vehicle
  • Avoid the presence of the operator on the road by integrating automated systems.

Today a dozen of Baliseur Rear version are in operation in Switzerland.


  • The Baliseur is fixed to rear side of a van equiped with a special frame.
  • Loading and discharging on the back of the van, with a motorized system. The Baliseur is droped on the road effortless.
    Total installation time : 1 minute.
  • The operator, fastened by a harness, remains inside the van during the installation, laying and retrieving.
  • Cones laying forwards, retrieving backwards.
  • The camera increases visibility of the traffic for the driver.
  • Max. speed : 20 km/h


  • More security : The operator remains inside the vehicle protected during the installation, laying and retrieving.
  • Less fatigue : The operator doesn’t need to lean outside and to lift the cones. They arrive at human gripping height.
  • More visibility : white & red reflective stripes, or specific lights.
  • Adapted to narrow lanes and tunnels

Beautiful video of our end-user in Switzerland : NSNW