The OPTO-Agri was originally designed to simultaneous seed counting & thousand seed weight measurement. At the request of a French technical institute, with the aim of quantifying easily and quickly the infestation of rape seed crops by flea beetles larvae, we’ve developed the OPTO-Agri LARVAE.

This equipment is intented for the:

  • Seed industry and institutes to make the larvae counting and measuring easier, in case of crops infestation.
  • Industry of insect farming who needs to make reliable the counting and measuring of live larvae at different growth stages.

Programs et functions

Fast counting and weighing module:

This module combines counting by image processing and simultaneous weighting.

A 0,01 g balance is integrated in the machine. 2 results are supplied:

  • Thousand larvae weight, or mean larva weight, if more relevant
  • Number of larvae
    Result given in 3 seconds with the standard version with the transparent tray (for larvae > 5 mm):
    5 seconds with the micro version (larvae < 5mm).

Measurement steps

1) Tare the balance
2) Enter (or scan) the reference of the sample.
3) Put the larvae in the transparent tray or on the special plate.
4) Enter the tray into the machine.
5) Click on “measure”: the result displays in 3 to 5 seconds with the counting program.


Larvae counting and biometry module

with distribution of larvae number per stage or category.

The biometry module is available on the micro version for all larvae’s sizes.
Categories can be defined by the customer. Calculation time: less than 1 minute for 100 larvae.
The length, width and surface of each larva are measured. The larvae being curved, we provide the « curved length » and the perpendicular width to the “skeleton” (in morphological sense). The biometry measurements are done only on the « isolated larvae », larvae which are not touching each other.

The HMI can be customized for displaying the number of larvae per stage or category.
2 data files are generated: complete biometric file with each larva data, and another file with the distribution by category.

If the weight is an important parameter for your activity, considering that some larvae are very small and light, it can be to recommended to connect an additional balance 0,001 g.

Histograms of biometry parameters are available in the interface.

We are interested in working with the insect farming industry, the seed industry and research institutes regarding larvae counting and measuring issues.