CV3G: Tableware Inspection machine

Take advantage of our experience to optimize and automate your quality control !


We manufacture Tableware Control Machines since  2001. We are the leader in this field and our equipment is protected by an international patent.

Imperfections are intrinsic to the different steps of the production process (molding, firing, glazing). The results are more or less visible defects on geometry or surface quality of the finished product. As the final customer expects a certain degree of quality, the product must be analyzed and classified on the base of various criteria.
Usually analysis and classification are made manually.


OPTOmachines provides a high performing entirely automated inspection and sorting machine to optimize your quality control. Our CV3G is the 3rd generation of our machines. Equipped with high-performance robots the fully automated CV3G is easily integrable into any production line.

High-resolution cameras inspect each section of the product and detect all sorts of possible defects on different textures and complex multidimensional shapes.

The CV3G design targets ultimate autonomy. The self-programming and self-learning system memorizes new forms and user-made programming becomes unnecessary. The HMI is
conceived for easy and intuitive use by any operator.


Types of detected defects:

• Geometry: general dimensions, completeness
and deformation of the shape
• Surface damages: cracks, chips and fractures
• Surface deterioration: grains, pinholes, stains,
• Glaze quality: gloss, texture,drops
• Back-stamp checking: presence, darkness, completeness
• White defects on white relief


This unique combination of know-how and technology: robotics, image processing and artificial intelligence, makes the CV3G the state of the art inspection and sorting machine for tableware.

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