OPTO Cleaner: dual technology seed cleaner

Combined technologies
Mechanical sieving & gravimetric separating

Main advantages:
  • More efficient cleaning thanks to the combination of 2 technologies
  • Use of high performance screens (patent OPTOmachines)
  • Full collection of small and broken grains
  • Easy adjustments and independent settings
  • Complete cleaning and purge between 2 batches

The OPTO-Cleaner was designed for the Phenome project in order to equip the INRA laboratory in Mauguio (France) with a high-speed & high volume phenotyping line for corn, durum and soft wheat. For obtaining the best possible cleaning results, the cleaning is carried out in two successive steps.

The OPTO-Cleaner combines two technologies: mechanical sieving for pre-cleaning and gravimetric separating for final cleaning. In this way the objectives and features required by the INRA and not met by conventional devices are achieved:

  • Grid for resorting of damaged and light seeds
  • Cleaning system of grids and purge after each sample
  • Separated and easily adjustable airflow cycles

See the complete cleaner, pre-cleaning and air column, in the opposite picture.

  1. Pre-cleaner by mechanical sieving:
  • Regular dispensing of seeds by means of a vibrating tray and blast / aspiration of straws
  • Sieve-boat with 2 patented perforated high performance grids, splitting into 3 sub-lots: good grain, coarse residues and small residues (broken grain, small grain)
  • All settings are easily executable. They are independent of each other. One setting doesn’t affect another. (frequency of vibration, airflow, speed of grids)
  • Automatic cleaning of the grids after each cleaning cycle preventing the mixing of batches and purging of the whole.


2. Air column for fine cleaning:

  • Gravimetric separation by airflow (air column) in 3 categories: good grain, light residues (small grain, broken or scalded grain), very light residues
  • Complete collection of small and broken grain: the small grain in the light residues of the air column are separated again with a supplementary grid
  • The setting of the airflow is precise and repeatable thanks to a speed controller and an adjustment knob.
  • And the end of each cycle, the whole is purged by speed increase of the fan.

Batches of 4 kg can be cleaned within 3 minutes (purge included).

The air column of the OPTO Cleaner can be sold separately.

Please see hereunder our last video about the functioning of the air column.

The OPTO Cleaner can be adapted to customer requirements to meet specific needs,

and can also be integrated in automated lines.

Contact us for more information.

Video of user testimonial – Programmable air column