Solution nearest to the habits of the job

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Developped by Optomachines in partnership with APRR (French motorway company), the Baliseur brings an ergonomic and safe  solution for laying and retrieving standard road traffic cones.

Baliseur lateral


Enhanced security :
– The worker remains protected inside the van. He doesn’t need to lean out of the van.

Less drudgery of work :
– The cones are delivered at the right heigth to be lifted, so that the worker doesn’t need to lean to lift the cones. The system reduces drudgery of work.

More visibility :
– The Baliseur features reflective white and red stripes to enhance visibility.
– Seen as an extension of the vehicle, visible and permanently present on the road, the Baliseur keeps the traffic away from the worker.
– A camera and 2 monitors help the driver and the worker to have a good visibility of the traffic even at night.

Easy to use & ergonomic :
– The Baliseur  drops effortless on the road thanks to a motorised lift.
– The mechanical systems are simple and easy to use.

stockage baliseur

Easy to use & ergonomic:

– The system is stored at the rear, inside the vehicle. It is discharged and loaded thanks to a motorized system.

– The mechanical system are simple and easy to use.

– Each part is of the system is arranged on the inner sides of the vehicle, preserving free space on the ground.

Baliseur lateral2


Dedicated to standard traffic cones of 75 cm.

The system consists of :

 ♦ a motorised ramp (with conveyor band) and a patented toppling bar

♦ a loading and discharging motorised system

♦ electrical and electronic components.

Video: lateral version in use in France