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Active since 1999 in the design and manufacture of special machines,

Optomachines innovates in niche markets, in the agronomy sector, in the industry, ceramics and transport.

The common denominators are:

oeil  OPTICS

oeil IMAGE PROCESSING              oeil   SOFTWARE  DESIGN


and an irresistible desire to take up new challenges !

Managed by an engineer (Arts et métiers), always seeking for smart inventions, the company is comprised of a dynamic and multi-field team.

Our knowledge:

Agronomie Design and manufacture of grain analysis machines for agronomy :

Standard or customized machines for agronomy research and seed or grain industry.


cellulerobotisee Design and manufacture of control & measuring equipment (plastics, aeronautics, automobile, ceramics…):

Analysis of customers requirements, feasibility study, design and manufacture.

 videopilotage2 Design and implementation of video piloting and video assistance equipment for the industry:
Analysis of customers requirements, proposition of “enhanced video” for assisting industrials in machines piloting or help them to secure a work area.
 baliseur_france_2.png Design and  manufacture of systems for laying and retrieving traffic cones on motorways :

This activity, quite aside from our core competencies, started from an experience on the road of the inventor, who has decided to commit to finding a safe solution for laying and retrieving traffic cones (see our page “Our history”).

We use to integrate often:

  • Digital cameras, high resolution, color or monochrome
  • Vision controllers
  • Standard or customized lightings
  • Optical sensors, inductive, electromagnetic, capacitive…
  • UV, spectrometry, vision softwares…

We would be pleased to help you to fulfil your projects.