Station for Seed Characterization


Station for Seed Characterisation

by image processing

patented technology

Able to do various morphometric and colorimetry measurements on each grain of a sample: approx. 40 parameters are available (length, width, surface, perimeter, diameter, compacity, circularity, etc…)

Calculates the TSW (Thousand Seed Weight)

Makes a grain classification based on a recipe created with the classification software.

♦ Detects the broken grains, stained grains or defects.

Able to make a significant amount of measurements in  2 minutes, which would be laborious manually.

Results in spreadsheet format (.csv), images and histograms.


Principle of functioning:

The system is able to analyse samples quantities according to their TSW (ex: 30 gsm of wheat, 300 gsm of corn…). For bigger quantities it is necessary to split the sample into smaller ones. Each measurement is saved and merged to obtain the measurement on the whole sample. The grains are placed easily on a patented corrugated plate, optimized according to specie.

Module for developing programs – Classification software:
This module allows to create your own recipies applied to the morphometric measurements.

Tailor-made programs : We develop programs according to your needs (ex: detection of broken grains, stained grains, foreign bodies, etc…).  For this purpose we usually ask our customers to send us samples with healthy grains and others with the defects or features.


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