OPTO-shineCHECK: shine measurement

A state-of-the-art module for shine measurement


Imperfections are intrinsic to the different steps of the production process. A major and common problem is the defect of glaze due to bad firing conditions. The glaze can become matt and dim. Hence the product does not meet the customers quality requirements. This imperfection is hardly preventable. It can only be detected afterwards as the surface misses shining and gloss. The visual detection is very complicated and often fails when done manually.

Our solution:
Based on our over many years proven knowhow, OPTOmachines has developed the highperforming entirely automated inspection module OPTO-shineCHECK to detect matt pieces in the production flow. This module is the only non-contact measuring equipment on the market and part of our latest inspection line CV3G. OPTO-shineCHECK can be applied on a wide range of flat tableware and fits perfectly into existing production lines.


Features & main functions:
The OPTO-shineCHECK is compatible with all automation softwares. A light source explores the whole basin of the plate. The camera acquires the image and processes it digitally by calculating the shine level. The results are compared to the programmed tolerances and transmitted as an output verdict (OK / NOK) to the automation software.
The OPTO-shineCHECK needs no important supervising by especially trained operators as it adapts to new dimensions up to 330 x 400 mm automatically by self-learning.

The tolerances for the output verdict are comfortably adjustable via the automation
software. The integration in your production line is simple and no time-consuming. Remote maintenance by internet is delivered by our highly specialized engineers.

Main benefits:
● Integrable in any production line of flat tableware
● Compatible with any automation software
● Large range of application, max. dimensions: 330 x 400 mm
● High-speed, non-contact measurement
● Fully automated
● Adjustable tolerance parameters
● Self-programming & self-learning system for memorizing and mastering new dimensions
● Remote maintenance
● User-friendly and easy to handle

The OPTO-shineCHECK is adaptable to any environment. The only inherent necessity is the distance between the plate and the kit of lighting and camera which is 733 mm.


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