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Solutions for a safe & ergonomic laying and removing of traffic cones

Temporary road-markings in many European countries are made as part of road works and maintenance mostly by using a van: one driver and at least one agent places the traffic cones manually. The prejudices of this practice for the agents are multiple and severe: they can be affected by musculoskeletal disorders, they are highly exposed to the risks of traffic or they can fall by leaning out of the van.

OPTOmachines has been working for more than 10 years on securing the operation, starting with a patent on a mechanical procedure designed in collaboration with APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhônes).

To meet all your needs, we offer 4 solutions:

– The BALISEUR Trailer version: simplified system, transported like a trailer, preserving the multi-functionality of the vehicle. This version is approved for the road in the whole European Union since October 2022.

– The BALISEUR Automatic version: full automated version, the driver operates the whole system.

– The BALISEUR Rear version: the operator installs the device from inside without leaving the van.

– The BALISEUR Lateral version: close to the usual routines when the operator works from the side of the van for laying the cones.

Principles common to the 4 Baliseur solutions:

Motorized ramp with conveyor band or rolls, for laying and retrieving traffic cones smoothly

the dynamic toppling bar (the patented arch that tilts the cone)

A regulatory signalling (white and red reflecting stripes, marker lights, signalling to be adapted to the country regulations) in order to keep the traffic away from the operator night and day

More safety and ergonomics

– the operator doesn’t need to lean outside the van

– No more shocks on operator’s hand

– Better visibility thanks to additional signalling

The Baliseur range consists of 4 solutions,

each of them contributes to safety & ergonomics improvement,

and complies with specific needs, situations and budget.

1- Baliseur Trailer

Robust and practical solution
for a multi-functional vehicle

Baliseur Automatique

2- Baliseur Automatic

Solution combining high technicity and optimal protection of operators

Baliseur Arriere

3- Baliseur Rear Version

Semi-automatic solution for narrow roads

4- Baliseur Lateral

Solution nearest to the habits of the job