Over the past ten years, Optomachines has been working on the automation of cones
laying and removing. A clever mechanism, the « dynamic toppling bar », that allows
the cone to lean and to go easily up onto a motorized ramp, has been patented in
partnershift with the french motorway company Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône.
Semi-automatic first, this system (still available today) existing in two versions, lateral
or rear side working, improves significantly the work conditions. Two workers
are required : the driver and an operator remaining protected inside the van and
who set the cones onto the motorized ramp, without leaning outside.
15 semi-automatic BALISEUR systems have been supplied to motorway companies.

In order to satisfy the wish of the motorway companies to minimize the manual
tasks and the exposure to live traffic risks, Optomachines offers now the
fully automated and driven by a single worker : the driver.

Both versions are available :