Optical Table: look inside the grains

Station for visual inspection of vitreousness and color inside the grains 

Instantaneous vision of inside the grains

Observe the colors inside the grains:  red and green kernels detection in paddy rice

Observe durum wheat vitreousness (piebald rate estimation),

chalky and cracks detection in white rice


OPTOmachines provides with the Optical table a patented, high-performing device for visualizing the inside of the kernel. A light source illuminates the kernels without blinding the operator: higher contrast and more comfort without glaring the eyes.

The Optical table is set on a working area for being used at ergonomic height. The sample is filled in the grain dispenser which helps to spread the kernels progressively on the inspec-tion table. The inside of the grains is immediately visible without glare through the observation window.

Main benefits:

  • Immediate visualization of inside of the kernels
  • Clear & high-contrast vision on black background – easy on user’s eyes
  • Manual adjustment of light refraction
  • Ergonomic & user-friendly design
  • Easy manipulation of grains

  • OPTOmachines_Optical-Table-comparaison
  • OPTOmachines_Optical-Table-Red White Rice
  • OPTOmachines_Optical-Table-Non-vitreous-Vitreous-Durum-Wheat
  • OPTOmachines_Optical-Table-manual-sorting
  • OPTOmachines_Optical-Table-internal-cracks-rice