We supply solutions dedicated to video monitoring of industrial processes and industrial security, like:

video piloting screen
  • Assistance for running industrial machines and handling machines
  • Assistance for viewing industrial operations (welding, milling, etc…)
  • Assistance for surveillance of hard to access areas (tanks, ovens, etc…)
  • Surveillance and security of sensitive areas.

“Enhanced” visualization:

It consists of including inside the video image, visual or digital information which don’t usually appear, thanks to additional tools from our experience in optics.

Example: depth measurement, distance , deviation, selection of wave length, etc…

Our range of equipment includes :

  • PTZ analogic or digital cameras, with joystick/keyboard control (type RS485) and/or software,
  • wired connection (coaxial, RJ45) or wireless,
  • visualization with quad video / digital recorder/PC,
  • traditional or LED lightings,
  • additional sensors (laser, etc…),
  • 3D visualisation with ergonomic glasses.

Integration and set up are completed by us in collaboration with the customers technical staff.

Please contact us for more information