Fast counting, TSW and seed biometry in less than 5 seconds

The TSW (Thousand Seed Weight) is an essential parameter of characterization used in crop research and variety breeding, seed trade and storage as well as for grain milling.

OPTOmachines provides with the OPTO-Agri a high-performing, one-step and ready-to-use device for calculating the TSW.
Fast, accurate and objective results are obtained by the perfect interaction of 3 elements: a camera with a high resolution depending on the grain size, a laboratory balance by Mettler Toledo and a software for image processing with an algorithm developed by OPTOmachines.

Pre-programmed settings for more than 40 different species guarantee perfect measuring results. Settings for other species can be provided on demand.
As the TSW is closely associated with size traits as length, width or surface the OPTO-Agri can be equipped with a biometry module.
During the last 10 years, we’ve supplied the OPTO-Agri worldwide to leading seed companies, research institutes and independent analysis laboratories.

Main Benefits

• Results in less than 5 seconds

One-step TSW calculation: simultaneous weighing & counting

Ready to use, no mechanical adjustments between 2 species

• User-friendly interface

• Small footprint, ergonomic & compact design

• Easy maintenance without dismounting

• Complete traceability of results

• Tested & certified precision and repeatability

• Entry for bar code reader

• Remote customer service



Features & main functions

The main function of counting, weighing and TSW calculation is available in 3 models:
• Standard: for big seeds like cereals, corn, beans, sunflower or rapeseed, …
• Micro: for vegetable seeds < 2 mm like tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onion, cabbage, …
• Super Micro: for flower seeds like petunia, begonia, …
Two models can be installed in the same OPTO-Agri: Standard & Micro or Micro & Super Micro.

An integrated anti-static bar removes electrostatic charges from the seeds and the tray when being placed in the OPTO-Agri

Available options

• Biometry: for Standard and Micro models, measure of at least 7 parameters like length, width, surface, eccentricity …
• Air intake: for connecting the OPT-Agri to a ventilation system, recommended for treated or very dusty seeds
• Measure of leaf area
• Measure of rape seed pods, etc.

Specific programs on request.


Measuring the TSW continuously, every minute, on your production line, is possible with the

OPTO-Agri with automatic grain loading.

Installed on a seed production line allows to:

  • Adjust the grains quantity in a bag according to the current TSW, as a result to reduce the safety margin.
  • Before treatment, it allows to adjust the treatment quantity (loading) on the seeds according to the current TSW.

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