We work in various applications and activity sectors of the industrial vision:

Parts inspection & sorting

Industrie machine tri

Materials inspection


Mobile video inspection tools


  • Automotive: engine blocks, gear box, tyres, screws, etc…
  • Aeronautics: propellers, structural parts, etc…
  • Food Industry: sweets, praslines, water bottles, rice trays (welding inspection)
  • Plastics: stoppers, tiles, baby teats, etc…


  • Steel industry: metal stripes control, steel, aluminium (holes, scratches, deformations)
  • Plastics: Visualization of internal stresses of transparent materials, films, thermoformed pieces, injected or moulded.
  • Construction industry & miscellaneous: wood panels, rockwool, paper, glass, composite fabrics.


  • Piloting of industrial machines, forging hammers,  stretching benches…
  • Visualization of industrial operations
  • Surveillance et security monitoring of hard to access areas.


  • Inspection of very small cavities or hard to access areas
  • Aeronautics: propellers
  • Bridges: inspection of rail-bridges

  • Robot cell for parts inspection
  • Semi-automatic control machines
  • Leakage cheking machines

  • Strip inspection equipment
  • Stressviewer online or  table

  • Installation of cameras with joystick or software piloting: giant milling machine, ingots forging, long dimension line…

  • Endoscopic video pole
  • Telescopic video pole
  • Captive balloon