Video pole for telescopic inspection
 Endoscopic video pole
Captive balloon
Mobile tool for color video monitoring of dangerous areas or hard to access.

Destinated to the civil construction and the industry.

The telescopic pole can be used for example for the inspection of bridges, crawl spaces…

  • Adjustable head with a remote control case.
  • camera able to pass through narrow spaces.
  • Color camera, in a waterproof case.
  • Camera with optical zoom x 22 and autofocus.
  • Case integrating a 15” monitor (10 kg).
  • Fed with battery 12VCC.
  • Recording on SD card or removable hard disk.
    Possibility to customize the pole according to the client’s needs.
Tool for the visualisation of:

  • the interior of hollow parts,
  • cavities,
  • inaccessible zones to a technician on machines or industrial facilities.


  • Aeronautics: propeller blades, tanks
  • Foundry: hollow parts

The system allows to measure defects and to see under different angles and with different magnifications with a high image quality.

This is a solution for professionals looking for devices between the traditional endoscope and macrovision.

Motorized captive balloon with remote control for indoor inspection of civil constructions.

The system allows to view hard to access areas on a monitor, like bridge abutments. Maximum height: 30 m.


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 ballon intérieur église